A Quaint Transformation: Quogue Village Renovation

Our renovation began with a stunning exterior transformation. We replaced all the old sliding glass doors with Marvin Elevate Series doors, adding a modern touch to the house. Skylights received an upgrade, now sitting atop custom curbs, which not only allows for easy replacement but also prevents debris build-up.

Inside, we introduced decorative beams to balance the volume of the space. These subtle additions added a touch of sophistication. Some structural adjustments optimized the flow, ensuring the home felt welcoming yet functional.

The heart of the home received a major makeover with a German kitchen. Cambria countertops and tasteful LED lighting set the tone. Despite budget constraints, we managed to incorporate Thermador and Bosch appliances.

One significant challenge we encountered was the placement of Ralph Lauren pendant lamps over the expansive kitchen island. Creative problem-solving saved the day. We left wires loose until the space was nearly complete, ensuring perfect alignment. The result is a breathtaking focal point in the heart of the home.

With limited options to expand the property, we repurposed the garage area, transforming it into a functional extension. This clever maneuver allowed us to incorporate a guest room, two bathrooms, a powder room, and a spacious laundry room. A testament to innovation within space constraints.

Outside, a sprawling deck was reimagined. By adjusting the grade, we eliminated the need for excessive railing, allowing for unobstructed views. A cleverly designed bleacher seat and a custom-built outdoor shower now add charm and functionality to this expansive outdoor space.

The master suite underwent a thoughtful reconfiguration. A vanity wall with glass-front cabinets and sleek porcelain fixtures offers a blend of luxury and functionality. The elongated shower, complete with safety features, exemplifies our commitment to accessible yet elegant design.

This renovation stands as a testament to creativity, resourcefulness, and craftsmanship. Every inch of the property was meticulously transformed, ensuring a home that seamlessly blends style, comfort, and practicality. We’re delighted to have exceeded the homeowners’ expectations, creating a space they’re proud to call their own.

A podcast with Len Morris, CEO / Founder of Viewrail Stairs and Railing

Two people with microphones and headsets talking to eachother

The team at First Dunes traveled to Goshen, Indiana to visit the Viewrail Stair and Railing Plant! We spent the day with Len Morris, Founder / CEO of Viewrail, to understand what it takes to create a foundation for manufacturing a high-end, high quality product for the building and design industry. At then end of the day, Chad Gessin of First Dunes sat with Len Morris to discuss the Viewrail philosophy and how adapting for efficiency greatly influences their business. Listen to the full conversation on The First Dunes Podcast ! Available on Spotify, Apple, and Google Podcast.